Urban Outfitters Providence, RI Mini Road Trip Weekend Roundup

Hi there!

I took a trip to Providence during the weekend and found myself, totally on purpose, making a little stop into Urban Outfitters while I was there. Back when one of my bestest used to go to school over at Johnson & Wales University I payed her a visit once and we explored Providence and I fell in love with the city ever since. I am guilty of romanticizing things and I can’t help how much I love when I visit and wander around seeing Brown University and wondering what it would have been like to be in a world of intense studies and a beautiful playground at your doorsteps.

Although I am always exploring UO stores locally I love going into other UO’s when I see them because they don’t always carry the same things which adds a fun element of surprise. Its great going into one of your favorite stores and not seeing the same things over and over again. I think that’s why I love UO so much, I’m never bored when I go in there and I always find something new.

Now to the UO finds, I absolutely love urban styles and I dress pretty sporty quite often. I saw these adorable baseball caps and thought they would make any simple casual ootd pop just a little more and add some edge. I also couldn’t help myself and picked up a new mug to add to my collection. Especially when its a mug with song lyrics, I was totes in! My last find is by far my favorite. I have been eyeing a Fjallraven Kanken mini for a while now, I am crazy about mini backpacks so I’ve been debating on what color to get in one of these.  I actually am not a big fan of the color red but this one caught my eye, it’s more of a deep wine red and not so much of a pure red so I think that’s why I like. It’s on the muted end and not bright so I think it’ll be a refreshing pop to my wardrobe and a great contrast to all my dark greens, dark navy and beige-cream-like colored jackets.

Hope you enjoyed this chatty post!