Nurture Your Good Thoughts

Anxiety or not, worrywart or  just plain overanalyzer you may have encounter the harsh reality that you don’t get to have much control over your thoughts. When my anxiety was at its peak I used to ruminate way too much about everything, usually not so pleasant and happy-go-lucky stuff, of course! If you are in this never ending sink hole I know how hard it is to pick yourself up and dust yourself off but please find your inner courage and do so, you won’t regret it. It all starts with simple choices to actively and purposely think a happy thought. To know that, yes those bad thoughts still may occupy some space in your head but your creating a whole set of new space for hope, for positivity and for a new mindset.

Be Present

With the amount of distractions in today’s society with social media, countless of unnecessary promotional emails piling up in your inbox, endless of day and night jobs to get by and then our own personal hiccups that we are trying to manage through it could be incredibly hard to be present in the moment. So how can you practice being present more often? Next time you are making a line at Starbucks for your cup of coffee avoid pulling out your phone while you wait. Instead, look around and observe what other people are doing. Pay attention to how others are so consumed by technology and possibly stress and take a deep breath and appreciate that you are at least giving yourself a break from that for a few minutes. Visually swim out of that working crowd and make your way over to observe your barista making your coffee and appreciate their work and that moment. That’s just one example of taking time to be in the moment but you can implement this example into any aspect of your daily routine.

Visualize Your Day

In the morning when you hop in the shower picture yourself having a great day. Picture yourself just dancing through the day and accomplishing all your task, your goals and completing everything you need to complete all with a smile on your face. Prevent the “I wish I could get to everything today” mindset and go for the “I’ve got tons to do and I’m going to do my best to get everything on my list done” focused mindset. Feeding yourself positive affirmations and a positive set of direction can set you up for success. If you often find yourself saying to yourself that it’s so silly or corny to think of yourself being happy and twirling around in happiness while getting through your days of work then I would pay attention to that, honestly. That could be your first sign that you aren’t so happy and you need your dose of pick me up, so go do something about it! Trust me I’ve been there but I stopped the vicious cycle and chose to be happy through tough times it makes it so much easier and pleasant to get through.

Make Lasting Wise Decisions

Part of the reason we often feel frustrated with ourselves is not being able to accomplish all we have to in our daily obligations. Also, the lack of finding time for ourselves and our true passions or goals. These important parts of what we truly want for our lives take a backseat because we have other, at times ,not optional responsibilities. Its important to take the time to focus on your goals even if its just 30 minutes a night after your family goes to bed. This is the best investment you’ll do for your soul, your mind, your happiness and even for the sake of your relationships with your loved ones. If you don’t find and take time to work on yourself you’ll more than likely find yourself bitter about the time and energy you must pour into these other relationships. Remember, the number one relationship that should be a priority to you is yourself and then the others follow. This will ensure you feel fulfilled in life and help you find it within yourself to lovingly nourish all other relationships with your spouse, your children, your co-workers and so on.

Hope these points I’ve touched on today give your something to think about or inspire you to make small little changes in your life.

With much love,