Hey there! This year is celebrating quite the milestone, turning 5 years old in November. I can’t even believe it’s been that long, it’s amazing how quickly time passes. TheWriteBeauty started in November of 2012 with a focus on beauty and now slowly has expanded into lifestyle and fashion. Throughout the years of devoting so much time, energy and focus into developing my blog I felt it was a great time to give back to you, the readers, and  inspiring future bloggers and share tips with you on what I’ve learned on my journey.

If you are reading this post odds are you already have an idea on what you’ll like your blog to be about. Deciding on your content and focus is of upmost importance because this is the foundation of it all and what will keep you on track. If you aren’t sure what your content and focus should be on take a moment to brainstorm and jot down what are the topics that you enjoy reading, have some knowledge on and go from there. There are no rules, you don’t have to pick just one topic you just need to figure out a plan to incorporate all your preferred subjects and tie them together well so its a cohesive blog.

I love a play on words so when I decided on my blog name I enjoyed coming up with a name that was unique. I love writing and beauty therefore I wanted a name that would immediate give you an idea of what to expect even before visiting my blog and that’s how TheWriteBeauty came about.   I’ve considered throughout the past almost 5 years changing it to my name but I am lucky enough to have selected a unique name that I’m able to use in all my social media handles and that’s hard to let go of.  I also made a conscious choice to avoid being stuck in the endless stream of Ariana Grande’s countless of fan pages that show up when you type in Ariana.

Pick a name that’s personalized to you and can grow with you and your brand.

Lastly, at this moment in time there are endless of possibilities on what platform you decide to go with. The two that I focused on and researched when I started were Blogger and WordPress. I knew they offered a free blog option and to start I think that’s the best way to go. I chose to stick with a free WordPress blog for about two years and focus on creating content.  Then made the choice to upgrade and pay for hosting and a blog design. It was my way to thank my daily readers by treating them to a nicer blog to visit and a great reward for myself.

Do your research and figure out what blog platform would work best for you and for what you are trying to achieve.



Hope you’ve found this post helpful!