Beauty Sponge Care for You & MUAs

If you wear makeup daily or even just occasionally odds are at this point in time you’ve heard or even own a beauty sponge. 2016 felt like the year beauty sponges took over as the it tool to use over makeup brushes, at least that was the case for me 100%. Continue reading for quick care tips to ensure your sponges last as long as possible for the best return on your money because I know this first hand, a sponge here and there add up!


When you think of a sponge you know that it absorbs therefore using a liquid soap and water will be the best way to ensure your sponge is getting the proper cleaning it needs. Generously applying a cleansing liquid and gently squeezing all that its absorbs repeatedly until all you see coming out is just water and not the soap will give you a good deep cleanse for your sponge. I would suggest using lukewarm water and preferably an antibacterial cleansing soap that will disinfect your beauty sponge before it gets in contact with your skin again to ensure your sponge is solely pressing in foundation and not any germs that it could have potentially picked up from laying around on a surface.

I also soak my sponges for a good amount of time for a more thorough cleaning, ranging from 15 minutes to about an hour at times. Here are some of the products I use for that:

Sigma’s Sigmagic Brushampoo, $15. You can purchase this through Sigma’s website directly, at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters to name a few.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo from Target is only $4.99, not bad at all for the amount of product you get.

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I absolutely love the Beauty Blender’s BlenderCleanser Solid bar soap; $16. This is the only product I’ve used myself that completely makes all my beauty blenders look like new and eliminate any stains. It’s a magic bar for sure. I love using this one to especially clean sponges that I’ll be using on clients, who wants a Makeup Artist using a beauty sponge that’s got stains on it? Although you know its clean, your client doesn’t know that or see that. It’s all about presentation.

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When storing your beauty sponge the best rule of thumb is a container that allows great airflow. Especially after cleaning your sponge, after use you’ll want to let your sponge air dry and sealing it in a container with no airflow will not be the best way to store your sponge, think humidity and growing bacteria! Another solution if you want to store your sponges away in a sealed container is to let them fully air dry first on top of a towel before tucking them away, they should be back to original size, entirely dry.

Sponge Life

The life of your sponge will really speak for itself. Depending on how you are handling the sponge and taking care of it that’ll be the determining factor in how long yours will last. If you clean your sponge after each use and are gentle with your use of it you could easily have your sponge last you a lot longer than just a few months. If you try to clean your sponge against a surface to try to scrub off any foundations stains for example this is an example of how your sponge could tear and no longer work as well for blending and quickly soak up more product on you.

Great Quality Sponges


Beauty Blenders, Sephora; $20 (image from

Eco Tools Beauty Sponge Duo, Target; $9.99 (image from

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips I am sharing with you Beauties today. If you have any other suggestions or ways you take care of yours, please share in the comments below, I’ll love to hear from you.