Vueset Lipstick Depotting for Makeup Kit

Hi Beauties!

After much consideration and debating I finally decided to consolidate my lipsticks into a Vueset palette. Although, I did feel a little stress to take the product out of its original packaging I also came to terms with why my decision was the best choice for me. So read along if you are debating doing the same. 

Spatula: Zpalette 

Here’s a list as to why the choice to depot suited me: 

  1. I rarely ever use lipsticks anymore. With how the liquid lipsticks have taken over I barely reach for my lipsticks at all. Also, with the liquid lipsticks you can see the color right away, piece of cake
  2. Which takes me to my next reason. As a Makeup Artist I would waste time going through all the lipsticks to open them and see what shade would best suit the client. Not only does it waste time but it takes up so much space too. This palette fits tons of lipsticks and its very compact! 
  3. My lipsticks were mainly used for my clients. I personally would sanitize them after use and store them in a container that I wouldn’t even open and often forget about  unless I was going to work on a client again. Now this palette will be stored next to my lip products and used more. 
  4. When packing my personal makeup bag for travels I know I want to add this little palette to my bag so I can use my MAC’s more often because it reminded me after seeing the shades in display why some of these were my favorites at one point. 

So there you are! Hope some of these points help you decided what choice is best for you and your collection! Scroll below for the list of the ones I’ve depotted in this palette. 

*Left to Right

1st row:

Wet n Wild Fergie Daily/ MAC Velvet Teddy/ MAC Viva Glam II/ MAC Honey Love/ Tarte Park Ave Princess/ MAC Creme Cup/ Limecrime Babette/ Gerard Cosmetics Kimchi Doll
2nd row:

Urban Decay Rapture/ NYX Tea Rose/ MAC Pink Plaid/ Rimmel 380 Vintage Pink/Victoria Secret Adored/ MAC Please Me/ Sephora Love Letter/ Sigma Dance ‘Til Dawn

Until next time, Xo