How to Consistently Be & Stay Positive

How To Consistently Be & Stay Positive

Hi there Beauties!

If you are reading this post I hope today finds you well. I wanted to share a few tips on the matter of being positive, which for some of us, can be quite the difficult task to manage. I’ve had my fair share of “life sucks and then you die” thoughts and part of that is smeared all over with sarcasm, don’t think I am that much of a pessimist ha! Interesting enough, although the difficult times I’ve experienced is something I wish didn’t happen, obviously. I do feel so much more mentally stronger because I’ve had those moments and more prepared to pull myself out of a rut when the moment arrives, which it always does as its called life. Preparation and how you handle yourself is key to everything!


You and I both know nothing comes easy. Unless you are Beyonce (or the male version of Beyonce, you pick who) and people are all over you ready to kiss your feet, nothing comes easy. Just keep in mind how hard she had to work to get to that level. You need to face the fact that if you want to be a positive person daily that it all comes from within, from the desire to want to exude and also feel positive. If you are willing to put the work, to commit, to stop those negative thoughts and instead change them around to a positive one then it’ll start to get easier.


Are you aware of what you tell yourself about every minute of the day? I know I can be my worst critic, how about you? Are you kind and gentle to yourself with your own words? When things are going south take a few moments to think about what you are grateful for amidst the bad things that may be happening  simultaneously. It is indeed the hardest thing to do but the most rewarding for yourself. I read a quote once about how you can’t vibrate on both a good and bad frequency, that you can only ride one at a time and ever since then I don’t look at things (feelings, problems) the same way. In order to catch the good vibes wave you need to jump on board. If you are feeling great and positive you can’t also be feeling horrible because one beats the other, chose wisely my friend.


Tell yourself you are going to have a great day no matter what. When you are giving yourself a hard time don’t be afraid to verbally tell yourself out loud, enough! Speak your positivity into existence, don’t only just feel like you want to be better and happier actually say it to yourself. Affirmations have been such a great help for me throughout the years. I truly believe in the power of affirmations and how they can reprogram your thought process for the better. I not only believe but have experienced it myself, it does work and it has made such a huge impact on my life. The trick to affirmations is to be consistent with them and also speak your chosen words with belief that things will be better and can change aka say it like you mean it!


Engage in activities that feed your soul and bring you a bit of happiness each day. Whenever I am having a rough week I’ll schedule a time to give myself a pedi. It’s such a great way to do something nice for myself at the comfort of my own home. Also, turning the lights off, pouring myself a glass of my favorite wine and tuning into my favorite tv show can do wonders for a break from the chaos. Being positive is sometimes accepting the bad moments for what they are and having the hope that things will get better therefore making the best of the now while being still and waiting for things to pass.


Distancing yourself from negativity is another way to care for yourself and do something that’s actually healthy for you which will fill you with positivity in return. Withdrawing yourself will make it much easier for you to remain in good spirits. If you truly can’t create that distance then make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you won’t allow the negativity to crawl in and affect you. Learn the skills of building a super thick skin to block those vibes away from you.


Devote time to your passions, invest time in yourself to develop and reach your goals. If you find yourself  clocking in to a job that you are not passionate about then this should be motivation for you to work hard and to find time to squeeze in what you love to do. When you add a little bit of what you love to your daily routine then you’ll feel like your day is not just filled with obligations and instead is a mixture of balancing adulting and enjoyment together.

What helps you stay positive?