Foundation Brush Favorite by Morphe Brushes

Happy Monday Beauties,

I’m here to share and rave about Morphe Brushes M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush. Although I’ve been following Morphe Brushes for quite some time now on social media I had yet to try their most popular brushes. I’ve been a fan of their large eyeshadow palettes that are so lovely for my clients, especially brides. The Morphe 35O is an absolutely gorgeous palette that offers a beautiful variety of browns and shimmers that accentuate a natural glam look. I have been a fan of Beauty Blenders and I love using this tool for blending creams and liquids flawlessly, which never fails me,  but I wanted to find a tool that offered a similar flawless finish for those clients that weren’t a fan of using a sponge for their everyday application.

That lead me to Morphe Brushes website to try out one of their best-sellers. The M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable brush that has multi-use purposes. With a price of $13.99, not only is this a great tool for blending out your foundation and giving you that airbrush finish with your liquid foundations but you can also use this to blend out your concealer, gently. Also, as a final step if you are contouring with creams you can use this brush to blend out those target areas and avoid harsh lines. The base of this brush is round so it wont give your contour a sharp finish. This is great if the look you want to reach is more of a balance dimensional glow all around once you buff the product onto your skin.

What are your favorite foundation brushes? List them below so I can check them out Beauties.