The Art of Wasting Time & How to Gain Control for Success

You may be asking yourself why I would call wasting time an art. Well if you are here’s why, art is a form of self expression and when you chose to waste time that’s an expression of how you feel in a way or where you are at in that moment in time. What’s important here and what I’ll be discussing today is how to gain control of your time and a few reasons you’ll benefit from it.

So here’s what I know first hand about the reasons you want to gain control of your time:

  1. The time will pass anyway: If you chose to be productive you’ll get your to do list done. If you chose to not get work done you are more likely to not feel good about yourself and in extreme cases feel like you don’t have what it takes to accomplish your goals and take on difficult task. The trick here is simply starting, break down big goals into small little ones that ultimately add up to a completed task scratched off your list.
  2. There’s always a million no’s but there’s also a yes!: Perseverance is key to your success. You need to keep working consistently to reach your goals. It takes hard work and dedication to get through the no’s you may be currently receiving but you can’t quit during this time. You need to keep pushing yourself while that yes arrives in order to reach your potential. Don’t give up on yourself by not putting in the work, use the no’s to motivate you!
  3. Fear Nothing:  You need to be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. You may fear how people perceive you and what they might have to say about what you are doing. Guess what? who cares? When you have a dream and/or goal in mind fear is your enemy, fear is nothing but a constant reminder why you need to keep pursuing your dreams. Fear pushes us in or out of our comfort zone, so where are you in this equation? Pick to be pushed out of your bubble and attack your goals head on without the worry of a what if and avoid time being wasted that you can’t get back.
  4. Face your reality but dare to dream, and dream big that is: I am a true believer that it doesn’t hurt to dream. In today’s world we are constantly affected by what we see online and where we think we should be in our lives based on how so and so is doing in theirs. It’s okay to reflect on how you are not where you want to be, this should motivate you to propel forward into action. If you catch yourself running to the couch and trying to wallow in your sadness because of all the work it’ll take to get to where you want to be that’s okay too, for a few minutes. After those few minutes get your ‘I’m going to kick ass face on’ and take it elementary style by brainstorming your plan of action! If you feel you have been wasting time part of that could be because you haven’t sat down to map out your action steps and that’s not allowing you to get started since you don’t even know where to start.
  5. Comparison, is it healthy or not?: Well, you tell me! When you compare yourself do you feel motivated after, do you feel like this person has inspired you to try something different that may help you achieve a goal or do you feel depressed after it? If you feel inspired and actually act in a positive manner afterwards then kudos to you! But if you are depressed afterwards and feel down about yourself then stop it right away. Comparison is not for the faint of heart. Please remember you can’t compare yourself because someone may have a lead on you by a couple of years etc. Just learn, be a student of their craft and your own and stay true to yourself. Plus, comparing takes time away from what you should be doing which is working on you, use that time wisely.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. What are your tips on managing your time wisely and reaching goals?

Xo- A