Winter’s Tale

Oh my! Winter has finally arrived in New England and all there is to do is pull out our favorite winter beauty items and make it through the season. Some of my favorite items that I am enjoying this winter are more or so to make me happy through the harsh weather than to survive it.


I’ve mentioned Josie Maran’s Argan Oil before in my blog. Out of all the items I’m currently loving this one takes the prize as my number one winter must have. There are not a lot of beauty products I repurchase wether the price is not that great or I just didn’t enjoy it as much to have to go buy it again. This is my second bottle of Josie’s amazing oil and if it didn’t last as long as it did I’m sure I would of been at my 10th bottle by now. This oil can be used all over which is the best part of it all. You can use it for your hair, to moisturize your face and body, on your lips, for your cuticles, I mean its multipurpose use is divine.

I recently went on a hunt to finally try the Eyeko Black Magic mascara and all I can say is yes! and yes! The formula is just right, it’s not too dry and not too runny to the point where it’ll get all over if you close and open your eyes after your application. My lashes look full and get a very pretty flare to them but what I love most of this mascara is its wand. The curve this wand has is what makes the application so fast and easy since it follows the natural curve of our eyes. Which means less room for mess and more time to focus on other steps in our beauty routine like mastering our eyeliner.

Mario Badescu’s facial spray which includes aloe, herb, and rosewater is a hydrating mist you can apply at anytime during your beauty regimen. Wether is pre, during, or post your usual routine. It’s simply meant to hydrate your skin. Also, as an FYI you can use it to lightly spray your hair and smell delish.

One of my all time fave nail color from Chanel is the one above in Mica Rose 495 which is a subtle pink with shimmer. And my YSL lippie which is a beautiful light pink hue in Nude Beige.