Ready for my second Lush review from my recent goodies I got? Hope you are because it’s about to happen right now!

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


First to tackle is Buffy, bar soap, which helps with your circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, and leaves you with an amazing moisturized body that won’t need any lotion after your bathe. Feels so darn good, fresh, and my body looks extra glowy right after I use it mainly because of the oil it leaves on your skin after you rinse- amazeballs! This is the one item once you start to buy you’ll always go back for more hands down.

Up next is Ocean Salt which is a face and body scrub and the color is to-die-for! If you are like me and appreciate pretty and unexpected little surprises then you’ll enjoy opening this product each time because the color is beautiful! Although, I have yet to try this product on my face because I have such a specific regimen as far as the products I apply to my face. This scrub does take care of brightening and eliminating yuckie build up in your pores and helping with clearing your face due to blackheads and blemishes. I personally use this products on my hands, arms, feet, knees, and chest. I apply a decent amount and also apply pressure while going in a circular motion to get the best results.

The Sea Spray from Lush is such a great product. Not only does it leave your hair feeling like you have walked out of a full day of relaxation and fun at the beach but your hair truly soaks in the product. I mainly love to use the Sea Spray when I’m about to head out the door to wake up my hair a little and give it an extra boost and pick me up. This spray it’s very light and it won’t leave your hair feeling thick and rough like other sprays that feel like they change your entire hair’s texture. If anything this helps maintain your hair feeling soft and it also gives it a great shine with some body.

Lastly, because we must save the best for last are the Toothy Tabs. Ok, let me repeat that one more time- Toothy Tabs, ahhhh-mazing! Alright, basically go buy yourself a little pack you will not regret it! These tiny tabs smells so good and leave your mouth feeling so fresh. Also, on top of that and as an added bonus you’ll definitely will start to see improvement with whitening. I’ve always been a Colgate girl and of course I will probably always have a tube somewhere in a reachable place when needed but I’m enjoying these Toothy Tabs because it just feels like my mouth is cleaner and benefiting so much more from it. Anything that provides pearly whites is a plus for me since I’m a coffee drinker and this takes care of removing stains. Also, unlike toothpaste which leaves you with such a strong aftertaste like you just washed your mouth this just leaves you feeling clean and leaves you with a slight spice aftertaste but it doesn’t bother me one bit because it’s subtle.

By the way, have you all spotted the Beach Box at Lush? Isn’t it adorbs? It’s a pretty spot on collection of Summer goodies and needs. For $29.95 you get a sea vegetable soap, dream cream hand and body lotion, seanik solid shampoo bar, ocean salt face and body scrub, and a sea spray . This will be such a travel friendly package and will make a great gift as well.

Until the next post! XoX