Yes to a Clean Face!

Yes to Grapefruit Facial TowelettesHi there beauty!

I wanted to share a little review on Target’s Yes to Grapefruit correct & repair brightening Facial Towelettes. The wipes have textured squares and the feel is very soft on the face and it does feel good. Also, one of the biggest pluses would have to be it’s amazing scent! I absolutely love fruity scents, if you’re read my post previously then you know I am very sensitive to flower and woody scents so this is just right. It has a very sweet scent like lemons with grapefruits mixed together, that’s the best way to explain it!

I would say though if you are very sensitive that I would use this at night time because what I experienced with these wipes was that my face gets very red each time I use it. Obviously, due to the exfoliation your face gets a work out but unlike when I use my Clarisonic I haven’t experienced my face turning too red prior until using this product. I splash cold water right after using the wipes to cool down my face a tad and I would say after a good 30 minutes my face comes back to it’s natural color. Again, this might just be my personal reaction to the wipes, the exfoliation, or what the product contains. But like any other new product trial I may adapt to these over a little time. My motto is always give it a week and then decide if you notice any good changes if not then it’s a no! I wouldn’t necessarily use these facial wipes to remove makeup just because if you are removing eye makeup this has an exfoliating texture and I like to be very gentle with my eyes as we all should be!

Yes to Grapefruit What you get for your buck at Target- about $6 bucks to be precise:

  • cleansing
  • exfoliating
  • brightening
  • reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • correct skin damage
  • enhance radiance