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Vampiric Lips

Hey there hot stuff!

I wanted to highlight some of my ultimate-die-for color lip products that I own and shortly realized that all the ones that caught my eye happen to be red! Part of that I am sure is because I don’t rock the red as much as I probably should. It’s so easy to reach for a lip gloss or a shimmery color lip glaze without having to be so worried of applying a deep red perfectly. Having to take your time applying a deep shade can be overwhelming. Does it look right? Did I apply it right? the listing of right and wrong self-questioning goes on and on. I’ve realized that the more I play with different shades the more comfortable I get with color. I was never a red lip type of gal because of probably some of the same reasons many of you out there feel about the color. I will say a lot of it actually is based on selecting the right shade for yourself and the product type.

What I mean is the following…

My first lip product that I fell in love with and still until this day if I’m going for that extra special look, you ladies know what I mean right? There is always that one lipstick that you know if you use it everyday the special feeling will go away from it. Well the one that fills that void in my heart is the Mulberry color from Bite Luminious Creme Lipstick. The color is amazing and I just love how I look with it on. It’s bold, creamy, and has a pretty sparkle without all the shimmer. I own a lot of lip products most of them, actually all of them, my fiance can’t stand. I mean I get it, must be a sad life, he doesn’t get to wear makeup and walk around smelling like roses and fruity smells, must be a hard life! Yet, every time I glaze this little number onto my lips he always compliments me and it reminds me why it’s my favorite. Maybe your approach isn’t definitive on the color but based more on the type. Maybe you enjoy and feel comfortable with red lip glosses instead of a creamy bold lipstick. The fun part is finding the product so walk into Sephora and knock-yourself out with the testers! After all that’s why we are there to help you out with discovering the new best thing you are going to own sista!

So baby steps before you dive into the deep end maybe you would want to start with a red/fuschia color glaze like the one from bareMinerals just to start getting used to some color on those nude lips. If you are looking for a sexy matte finish try the Stila one, I am telling you- sexy kitten status! You’re going to turn heads and make a lot of girlfriends jealous. The Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip is my little-trick-up-my-sleeve one.  Pencils can truly create a look that a lipstick can’t quite achieve. I love the definition I get when I use Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip pencil liners. Not only do I define my lips with these liners but I then just go in and fill my bottom lip and just dab my lips together and I get a gorge matte finish. This color is marvelous to rock alone but you can do the layers of course and even pair it with the bareMinerals one to create more of a luxe-playful affect. Lastly of course, I cannot forget to add Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars to the mix. I save this one for last because it’s incredibly pigmented and if you are bold and fearless this is the lip product to brush onto those lips and go for the kill! For the Lip Tars I strongly suggest using a lip primer or just chapstick to moisturize your lips so the application goes on smoothly. I’m sure some of you might apply this right off the tube but I find OCC a little messy that way. I prefer applying OCC Lip Tars with a lip brush to define my lips and have a close-to-perfect application. It just makes me feel like when I walk out the door I don’t need to stare at the mirror to do a check-up if I take the extra five minutes to make sure it goes on right.

  • OCC Lip Tar- Strumpet
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip- 8C
  • Stila stay all day liquid lipstick- beso 10
  • bareMinerals– birthday cake

After all, life is short so do yourself a favor and put on some red on them lips and live a little!

P.S this is my fave baby below…Mulberry by Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick!  Maybe she’ll bring you some compliments as well! 😉

Bite Beauty

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