From Stripes to Polka-Dots, Sephora O.P.I to Essie, and Black to White!


Hello beauties!

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For all my nail art lovers who like to be playful and get creative tune in! Who says you need to keep dropping those dollars at the nail salon? I’ve come to realize a long time ago that yes going to a nail salon is relaxing, your cuticles look marvelous, and you end up with happy fingers. Yet, it becomes such a hassle sometimes to need to depend on that favorite-can’t-change-them-for-anything-regular nail manucurist and spend the moola and wait those long lines in a seat browsing on your phone and end up with designs that can be cute but maybe you could of done something different. Okay, that was a run-on sentence but that’s because I feel so strongly about what I am about to say next- learn how to do your own nails!¬†

As with anything you decide to start doing- practice makes perfect! The only reason why my left hand (I’m a righty) looks so beautified is because I’ve spent hours and hours sweating and fighting to learn how to perfect my control. Once you have your technique down, forget it, no going back to a salon. Well…we all need to de-stress and get pampered, we do enough on a daily basis right?

The main point is to just have fun and walk around expressing your style in a way that is unique and your own. I for example, wear uniforms at both my jobs and well I must look presentable. Also by wearing uniforms sometimes we feel stripped of our style and start to look like everyone else after all that’s kind of the point to distinguish who is an employee and whose a customer. But the best way to stand out is to show your individuality and sense of style by accessorizing, using the right makeup that looks good on you, styling your hair and a rocking a big smile!

Get Inspired and get the same Nail Art:

  1. Sephora O.P.I (exclusive for Sephora) A-ha! Moment (white nail polish color shown above); $9.50 Sephora Online
  2. essie licorice (black nail polish color); $8.00 CVS
  3. Mash 5×2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Tool Pen Set (to achieve the nice polka-dots) a set of 4 pens; $3.98 listing price from $7.99 in Amazon which means you’ll get them cheaper than I even did, what a steal!

Share the beauty and show me how yours come out!